This guy's good man, big thumbs up!”

— Neal Schon (Journey)

This is Fil, a.k.a 'Wings of Pegasus'. Everything you hear? That's Fil. Impressive.”

— Classic Rock Magazine

Wings of Pegasus blew us away with their Persistence album back in the summer. At last, here is a serious up-and-coming rock band proud of their classic rock roots. Echoes of Deep Purple and Aerosmith (when they were good) abound and there’s even a touch of theatre in the music. Wings of Pegasus pack great riffs, great melodies and an immense sense of fun into their music. There is real musicianship and songwriting skill in evidence here and they are the perfect antidote to some of the overwrought bands out there at the moment.

Wings of Pegasus are led by the multi-tasking Fil Henley who does just about everything on the Persistence album. The fine, uncluttered production is a testimony to Fil’s talents and all the more remarkable when you consider that he taught himself production techniques for the album. Check out Wings of Pegasus at their Reverbnation Page and hear one of the best new rock bands out there. (

Whats not to love about good old school metal and these guys are no exception to that rule. Fast loud and glamorous, long hair tight jeans, big riffs real metal at its best. From super heavy to melodic ballads they have it all reminding us of the greatest on the planet such as Europe, White Snake, Def Leppard etc. Vocally superb, Lyrically Supreme and the music is the nuts. If you didn’t add these to your collection then your not a true metal fan.”

Scotty-D (

That’s Metal (To My Ears) is a rollocking anethemic shout-along fest in the style mixing a spot NWOBHM-style influences with the big sounding “hair metal” type of stuff which came along in the early 1980s. Positively modern retro. It’s punchy, powerful, loud, monster riff, melodic, catchy as anything and a killer solo all packed in to around three and a half minutes. Breathless stuff.”

Andy (

To be fair Persistence isn't "good", it's mighty fine, damn good. Persistence persists in being a joyous journey from inception to conception!”

Steven Reid (

I’d defy any rock fan not to like this album. Very infectious. Man, it’s so catchy that if Persistence could be used as fish bait those aquatic lifeforms wouldn’t stand a chance. They’d be out of the water and in to the net before the first chord of Percy Johnson was over. Humane fishing too – no hooks required other than those in the songs……..!”

Andy (


'Shock to the System'