Live Streams - Every Tuesday and Saturday night (11PM GMT)

As the title suggests, I go live on YouTube every Tuesday night at 12am GMT (midnight). We have a great community in the live chat room and it's a great place to touch base with everyone so feel free to join in! There's also an after party over on the 'Wings of Pegasus Supporters Group' page on Facebook if you'd like to continue the conversation. Click on the image below to go there! 


To ensure the smooth running of the streams and to maintain the sense of community we have, I have a few guidelines to set out. I think it’s mostly just common sense, but here we go - 

- No profanity or offensive language (or hate speech etc.) 

- No self promotion for your business, products etc. 

- Keep things light! (A lot of people like to ‘escape’ for the duration of the live stream, from problems, illnesses, just depressing facts of life, so I always aim to make the chat room a positive place to be!) 

- On the previous note, please avoid talking about religion or politics, as these topics can get heavy! 

Moderating (IMPORTANT!) 

The Live Streams are moderated by people not associated with the channel. They have no affiliation, will not comment or engage in any conversations and will be moderating to the guidelines set out above. If the guidelines are not followed, they will take action. As they are solely moderating the streams, logs will be kept of any incidents that occur including any actions taken. 

If you have had any actions taken against you and would like clarification as to the reason why, head to and fill out the form and I’ll reply with the explanation. The reason will be in the guidelines, so make sure you read them carefully! 

With that said, have fun in the stream and I’ll see you there!