Like with any unsigned band or artist, I need as much help as I can get! Currently it's quite literally a case of if I want to do a video, I set up my tripod and camera, press record, and run in front of the camera. Then I edit the footage afterwards on my computer. For recording, I press record and run to the instrument I'm playing. Then I produce the songs afterwards on my computer. You get the idea! So, on a daily basis it's hard to work on more than one musical 'project' at once, such as recording/producing/videos etc, especially if it's a work day!

So, the solution to the problem is to seek help from anyone willing to give it. This is where the Wings of Pegasus 'Patrons' come in. 

To become a Patron, a pledge is made of $1, sometimes more, this is up to you! Wingers can join for $1 and receive all the rewards that Pledge tier provides (2 album tracks, early access to songs/videos as well as my Patreon stream etc). It's win win, as you get some awesome rewards and I get a new guitar pick! \m/