Wings of Pegasus, a hard rock band formed in 2009 from just outside London in England. Inspired by rock bands from the 80's such as Aerosmith, Def Leppard, Van Halen, Bon Jovi, but aiming to have their own sound. The first album entitled 'Persistence' is self written, produced and released and can be found in the 'Store' section, as well as being available for download from iTunes and Amazon. 

We started out playing gigs regularly in and around London and saving what we could to record our first E.P. Annoyingly, the general public aren't as interested in seeing unsigned live bands like they used to be. So after 2 years of gigging regularly to a guy with a dog in the pub, I decided it was time to broaden our horizons!

In 2013 I recorded, produced and released all the songs we had been playing live. The result of this is the debut album, called 'Persistence', as that's exactly what I personally think is the most important attribute to have in today's music industry. I started recording videos of myself performing covers on Youtube and promoting the band wherever and whenever I could through social media.

Since adapting to a new approach, I have amassed over 13,000 likes on Facebook and a Twitter following of over 100,000. I've sold albums and t-shirt from Brazil to Russia and are regularly asked when we are touring various countries. Sometimes I think people don't realize I do this part time, and like them, work during the day and rock out out at night! 

I hope one day to be able to write and play music full time, but until then I'll continue to persist and do everything I can to reach our ultimate goal. Wings of Pegasus is a band like no other. If you message on Facebook or Twitter, I will reply to you, guaranteed. There are no 'invisible walls' between fans and the band and that's the way it should be. God knows I've hit countless 'invisible walls' on our journey through the music industry, but I believe if we keep going and doing what we do, somethings going to give. 

On the 19th March 2016 we performed our first ever 'online' gig called 'Shock to the System', the video of which can be found in the store section of the website. Since this gig we're now rated the 'No.1 Indie Rock Band' in the country by which is pretty cool! 

I have amazing fans that contact me regularly on Facebook and Twitter. The following I have is as good, if not better, than some similar 'signed' bands. So maybe being 'signed' isn't all it's cracked up to be? Who knows, all I know is I love chatting to people who like my music and I'll always keep pushing forward and replying to anyone who is interested in it!

It's all been moving pretty fast recently, at the end of 2017 Classic Rock Magazine featured a video of mine of me covering 'Don't Stop Believing'. From this Neal Schon from Journey messaged me and followed me via Twitter which was epically cool. I've also gained some other followers like 'Dream Theatre' and 'YES', it's over 100,000 now so I don't keep track anymore! 

I have set up the Wings of Pegasus Patreon page, which now means everything produced is directly funded by the fans. Patrons get rewards for their pledges and can become Patrons for as little as $1 per. Head over to to check it out!

Wings of Pegasus